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FAQ’s for the Aphos LED’s

S16 – 110VAC (100 – 200VDC)
S16 – 220VAC (180V – 200VDC)
S4DC – 24 – 30VDC
S4AC – 110VAC (100 – 200VDC)
S4AC – 220VAC (180 – 375VDC)
Our Lights are built to order but we have used Subconn|Saab|Seaconn MINL|MINK
Yes. The lights have phase dimming, DC level or RS 485
Phase dimming, DC potentiometer or PC control over RS485
The camera needs a trigger output to pulse the lights. The light can be triggered to be on when
the camera sensor is exposed. For example if the camera exposure is set to 30ms the duty cycle is ≥
Via an external input pin
No. You just need a trigger input.
Yes. Diffuser can be purchased to change the beam angle
S4AC= 150W max (continuous) or ˜15W @10% duty cycle (strobed)
S4DC= 100W max (continuous) or ˜10W @10% duty cycle (strobed)
S16AC= 600W max (continuous) or ˜60W @10% duty cycle (strobed)
S16 100VAC = ≥ 6A slow blow
S16 200VAC = ≥ 3A
S4 DC @ 24V = ≥ 5A
S4 AC 110VAC = ≥ 1.25A
S4 AV 220VAC = ≥ 1A
Internal burden resistor is available upon request. Standard build lights have no burden resistor
0-5V or 0- 10V
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