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Subsea Laser Profiler

The L1000 Laser Profiling System includes the Cathx Ocean M12-A1000 Stills camera and Green Line Laser.

This system can capture UHD still images and laser profiles in a rapid sequence providing laser xyz data (>60,000 points/s) with co-registered still images for range and scale measurement and 3D point cloud data capture.

The L1000 Laser Profiling System uses a 520nm long range green line laser which produces a straight line with uniform intensity over a long range due to its optimal wavelength for water penetration.

Range and Scale Measurement
A laser system for range and scale can easily be set up using the M12 Camera and a parallel laser.

3D Point Cloud
A pre-calibrated multi-laser system can be configured for high density 3D point cloud data data capture using a downward facing green line laser and an M12-A1000 camera at a suitable angle for optimum measurement and within the physical limits of the vehicle.

  • Up to 150mW Power Output
  • >60,000 points/s
  • Operating Range up to 5m
  • Uniform intensity distribution along projected line
  • Fan Angle Customer Specific
  • Strobe Capability (1Hz to 200KHz)
  • Housed in high quality 6AL4V Titanium
  • Lightweight at 280g
  • Depth ratings up to 6,500m, tested to 10,000m
  • Controlled by the M12 Camera
  • Provides range & scale information to Cathx Ocean Camera
  • Configurable for high density 3D Point cloud data capture
    The Green Line laser is used as part of an integrated imaging solution for AUV, ROV, and fixed platforms. Unlike conventional laser systems, our integrated solutions capture and convert the laser data into measurement information used for range & scale.

Subsea Vehicle Config

L1000 DimensionsCA02-0043-1 0 M12 Camera
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