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Subsea LED Lights

The APHOS 16 delivers brightness, reliability, efficiencies and a highly configurable networked lighting system for observation & working class ROVs.
Continuous & Pulsed options available.

These flexible lights are compatible with new & existing platforms and therefore ideal solutions for HMI replacements and also extend work class capabilities to observation class ROVs. The superior design of the APHOS 16 offers savings in capital and operational lighting costs.
  • 28,000 lumen
  • Microprocessor controlled stable output at all light levels
  • Delivers lighting power required for HD systems
  • Increases range and visibility for SD systems
  • 50° beam angle flood with other options available
  • 5700°K color temperatures with other options available
  • Compatible with a wide range of power supplies from 24VDC to 400VAC
  • Depth ratings up to 6,500m, tested to 10,000m
  • Control options include AC Triac, RS485, Voltage Control and Cathx Ocean Subsea Cameras
  • Full range continuous dimming with programmable limits
  • RS485 GUI control for strobe duration & intensity and lighting group control
  • Strobe capability (1Hz to 10KHz)
  • Over temperature protection for use in air
  • Wide selection of connectors supported
  • Various mounting accessories available
  • Configured to order, to meet specific application requirements
  • Standard & Pulsed option available
      Outlined below are sample deployments on various subsea vehicles & platforms and the enhanced performance and operational benefits.

Work Class ROVs

APHOS 16 • 28,000 lumen • 6,500m • RS485

      • Cost efficient direct replacement for HMI
      • Eliminates HMI ballast requirement
      • Long lasting lights, thereby reducing operational costs
      • No color variation over time
      • Flexibility for creating different lighting intensities
      • Instantaneous power up/down
      • Greater brightness than HMI with less power consumption
      • Ability to operate lights on deck with over temperature control
      • Superior subsea HD video and stills capture when used as an integrated system (Cathx light & cameras)
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