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M12-R200 Series

HD Video & On-Demand Stills

The M12 is the first fully engineered subsea camera range.

The M12-R200 range is a wide angle video and stills camera for ROVs that send HD video to the surface. It features on-demand stills captured directly to 512GB of internal storage or external NAS.

The M12 camera range has a sensor area typically twenty times larger than conventional subsea HD cameras and a fast dual-ARM processor. The M12’s high sensitivity combined with low exposures and progressive scan imaging produces image quality previously unobtainable.
The camera system includes easy to use GUIs for image profile configuration and real time control. An API is also available for easy integration with the vehicle’s control system.

  • HD Video – 1080p/30fps
  • Over Copper or Fibre
  • 512GB Internal Storage or External NAS
  • Fast Large Area 12.5MP Sensor
  • 1.6:1 Lens to Sensor Ratio
  • Control and Synchronisation of Lighting, Lasers & other Cameras
  • Depth Rating 4,000m or 6,500m)
  • Titanium Housing


M12 • HD-SDI • 4,000m • 24mm

  • Delivers superior subsea HD video solution compatible with existing HD Infrastructure
  • Capable of dual mode operation – capturing video and stills simultaneously
  • Supports a wide range of video outputs
  • Direct to surface storage of high resolution stills over Ethernet
  • Ability to configure and execute user defined imaging profiles for changing conditions or requirements
  • High quality superior image capture when used with the Cathx APHOS range of LED lighting

CA02-0043-2 0 M12 Camera Dome
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